American Caging offers many other services to its clients. Listed below are our Special Services.

ACH Debit and Credit Card Processing

ACI processes ACH Debits (checking account withdraws without a check) and credit card contributions. All ACH Debit and credit card contributions are proofed and balanced prior to processing. We provide daily reports showing in detail the number of transactions, type of credit card (AMEX, Visa, etc.), dollar amount of deposit, and declined cards. Credit card donations are processed each day and will be reported in any format required.

Gifts generated via the Internet will be processed in a similar fashion as if the credit card or ACH Debit information was provided by mail. We will receive the credit card of ACH Debit data from a hardcopy or electronic activity reports. We will process those gifts based on the information cont in that activity report.

Escrow And Accounting

These services range from the very simple process of depositing the funds in the bank accounts and paying approved invoices, to calculating amounts to be paid to vendors based upon the percentages of contributions received.

Under the direction of Maureen Otis, our president, our staff of accountants provide the highest quality escrow and accounting services to our clients.

Acknowledgement/Thank You Letters

We print and mail thank you or acknowledgement letters to donors within 48 hours of receipt of the contributions. Many of our clients have found this a great opportunity to ask for a second gift or donation.

Charitable Solicitation Registration

The Law Offices of Maureen E. Otis, P.C. and by our president Maureen Otis, provides legal representation for state charitable solicitation registration.

Many clients of ACI utilize the services of the law firm.

Premium Fulfillment

We provide the Premium Fulfillment services for our clients. These services include mailing to selected donors special gifts, such as video tapes, CD's or T-shirts.


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