Computer software is the most important tool for any organization that is dealing with many thousands of donations and donors, where the data must be easily maintained, retrieved, and securely and safely stored.

We have such as specialized software. Developed exclusively for American Caging, this database type of computer program – called Caging from the reference to the name of our firm – is designed to track charity donations, political contributions and other forms of gathering funds from the citizens of the US and abroad.

Quality Control For Keyed Information

The balanced source documents are batched daily and prepared for transfer to our data entry department. We keep the information from the source document in one of two ways. The most common method used by our clients is the Bar Code that allows us to simply scan the bar code and capture all the required information without error.

The other way the information is captured is by manually typing in the full name, suffix, full street address, city, state, zip, zip + 4, DOB, phone number, mail code, batch date, donation, e-mail address, retired military status, acquisition type and alternate temporary responses. Here our proprietary software, the computer program called CAGING, is utilized with great success.

This computer program, that has exceptionally good error trapping ability, ensures for the highest quality of the data entry process, as well as for speedy donation and donor data retrieval and reporting.




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