Donor Mail Collection

Envelopes addressed to a Houston P.O. Box - American Caging's mail collection employee picks up mail from the post office twice daily. The post office boxes are registered to American Caging and/or its clients. As the mail is removed from each box, it is separated into specific trays for each client.

Re-ships From Other P.O. Boxes

Envelopes addressed to privately held boxes – For clients who want a special type of address for donations, we can make arrangements with Mail Boxes Etc. or other similar companies. Mail is picked up daily from these locations.

Envelopes addressed to an out of state P.O. Box – Many of our political clients wish to retain an address in Washington D.C. address. Therefore, the mail is re-shipped directly to American Caging's corporate offices as often as desired. In many instances, the cost to reship the mail is absorbed by ACI.

Many of our national clients have contributions mailed to P.O. Boxes located throughout the country. The local post office "re-ships" the mail to American Caging for processing. Re-ships are delivered directly to American Caging's corporate headquarters or to the primary post office for mail collection.


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