Check, Cash And Credit Card Processing – The mail is taken back to ACI where it is unloaded by tray into the mail processing room. An initial count of trays is taken and recorded by a mail clerk supervisor. A "Flash Report" is prepared at that time reflecting the estimated quantity of mail received. Many of our clients receive Flash Count Reports each morning. Using our Opex 50 and 51 mail extraction machines, the contents are "caged" and "proofed".

Proof Department

Our proof and research department has NCR Proof machines that encode each check on the bottom right front corner. When a stack of 300 checks is run through the machine, the total of the "run" is compared with the calculator tape of the stack. If in balance, the stack is "proofed" and ready to deposit. All banks run checks through their own proof machine, but when ACI does this for our clients, their bank fees are dramatically reduced.

Once the separated mail is loaded into our Opex 50 & 51 mail extraction machines and contents are handled as described below. Pledge statement and check are removed and the following verifications are made.

  • Dollar amount pledged equals same as check
  • Dollar numerical amount equals dollar written
  • Check payable to non profit organization
  • Date on check
  • Signature on check

After the above items are checked, the pledge statements and checks are separated into stacks of approximately fifty (50) pieces. All cash donations are verified against the pledged amount and each donation is paper clipped to the pledge statement before being put into a cash lock box. Each cash lock box is emptied by the Caging Operations Manager 4 times per hour and put into the safe.


Once separated, the mail is loaded into our Opex 50 and 51 mail extraction machines and contents are verified. Checks and reply devices are separated, batched, counted, verified and balanced against one another. Cash is handled separately and is controlled by the Caging Operations Manager.

Checks and pledge statements are rubber-banded into separated stacks of approximately 50 statements and checks. A proof operator adds each stack of statements and affixes the calculator tape to the stack. The corresponding stack of checks is also added and the calculator tape is attached to the checks. At this point, both the pledge statements and checks are balanced. A daily and weekly batch number is written on each stack, and the pledge statements go into one tray, the checks into another. Each balanced batch is entered on the daily batch report. A sample of the balanced checks and pledge statements is included as attachment, along with a sample batch report. We keep the balanced stacks in groups of 50 in order to minimize the time spent.

Cash is balanced in three steps:

Step 1 – The cash is separated from the source document.

Step 2 – A proof operator runs a calculator tape on the source documents.

Step 3 – The operations manager runs a calculator tape on the cash.

Separating these functions is an added security measure for cash.



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